All Natural Mosquito Spray

Mosquito Spraying

Our all natural mosquito spray kills mosquitoes on contact and creates a barrier that last for 28 days. The natural spray solution produces no chemical smell and leaves the yard ready for use as soon as it has dried. Derived from essential oils, our mosquito spray is pet friendly, kid friendly as well as safe to use around standing water.

The normal mosquito spray season is April through October; however mosquitoes follow the weather so adjustments may be needed depending on the year.  Your treatment starts with an overall assessment of the property.  We will identify any potential problems such as standing water and create a custom plan that specifically targets your property. For a trouble free property you can bundle our mosquito program with our tick spraying treatments.

Our mosquito spray is the ideal solution for residential, recreational and commercial areas. One time spray applications are available for parties and special events however for optimal control we recommend at least 4 consecutive treatments.

Mosquito Facts


  • Only the female mosquito bites. Female mosquitoes need blood meal in order to lay her eggs. Male mosquitos feed on nectar.
  • Female mosquitoes are attracted to CO2
  • Female mosquitoes can lay upwards of 300 eggs per brood and can produce up to 10 broods in their life.



Key Benefits of Service


Keep your yard safe for you and your family. Although most mosquitos are just a nuisance, mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis have been found in New York. Our monthly mosquito spray provides peace of mind for you and your family.




  • Safe for you, your family and your pets
  • No harsh chemicals. Spray solution derived from essential oils.
  • Lawn can be used as soon as product dries
  • Safe around water
  • Provides excellent knockdown and residual protection


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