All Natural Tick Barrier Spray

Tick Spraying

Ticks are annoying little pest that can pose serious health problems if bitten. Often when a tick latches on to its host, it goes unnoticed due to anesthetic properties in the ticks saliva.  Proper tick prevention starts with surveying the property to identify any ideal host areas then creating a customize plan to fit your needs. Over the past several years we have seen a rise in the tick population in our service area.

Spraying for ticks in an effective way to eliminate any existing ticks in your yard as well as prevent future ticks from entering. Our monthly tick spraying treatments are 100% natural and are derived from essential oils. We start our focus on the perimeter of the property. We spray to eliminate any existing ticks while creating a barrier that will repel future ticks from entering the property. Spraying for ticks is only part of our integrated approach of tick removal. Equally important is knowing where ticks live in order to minimize possible habitat. Ticks prefer shady areas such as woods and long grass. They can’t thrive in short vegetation such as your lawn but are attracted to leaf litter. They also prefer to be close to possible hosts.

When you choose Monroe Tick and Mosquito your signing up for more than just a monthly tick spraying treatment. With each service we continually monitor your property to ensure that the tick population is kept in check. Monthly tick treatments can also be bundled with mosquito treatments for yard that is free of pesky biting insects.



Key Benefits of Service

The best option to control tick populations on your property is to have a professional monthly spraying service from Monroe Tick and Mosquito. In addition to spraying, keeping children’s play areas away from wooded areas and minimizing wildlife accessibility from your lawn will also help keep the tick population away. In extreme circumstances a tick free perimeter may be needed. 

  • 100% Natural
  • Monthly service from April through October provides excellent control
  • Granular options available for hard to handle areas
  • Safe for you, your children and your pets
  • Covered by our re-spray guarantee



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